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3953270 Companies in our database

CompanyStatusCashNet WorthAssetsLiabilities

Agp Property Ltd
Private Limited Company

£6 141£-132 884£10 062£42 195

Ak Mechanical Services Limited
Private Limited Company

£1 892£1 125£114 864£99 113

Balmoral Estates Limited
Private Limited Company

£3 929£173 140£3 929£57 393

Blackwell Ox Inns (York) Limited
Private Limited Company

£944£-577 720£16 798£846 578

Clifton Specsavers Limited
Private Limited Company

£0£233 923£353 462£154 432

Commercial Property Partners Llp
Limited Liability Partnership

£73 138£26 400£150 549£124 149

Fsh Psychological Care Limited
Private Limited Company

£3 582£1£5 798£5 797

Grantfeller Media Limited
Private Limited Company

£535£8 708£27 815£19 707

Limited Partnership

J & M Plastering Limited
Private Limited Company

Jeni Fairey Sculpture Limited
Private Limited Company

£866£-14 011£5 696£1 707

Muntsy'S Limited
PRI/LTD BY GUAR/NSC (Private, limited by guarantee, no share capital)

Norma Janion Limited
Private Limited Company

£4 475£1 178£5 175£3 997

R J Security Ltd
Private Limited Company


Rcn Financial Planning Limited
Private Limited Company

Rlr Distribution Ltd
Private Limited Company

£19 898£213 849£472 588£293 972

Simplydivine Ltd
Private Limited Company

£288£-2 377£288£4 376

Society of Practitioners of Insolvency
PRI/LBG/NSC (Private, Limited by guarantee, no share capital, use of 'Limited' exemption)


Soors Ltd
Private Limited Company

£4 882£43 587£59 460£24 020

Southbarn Limited
Private Limited Company


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