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Recent Companies

3953270 Companies in our database

CompanyStatusCashNet WorthAssetsLiabilities

C B Home Solutions Ltd
Private Limited Company


Cockerton and Branksome Living Enterprise Limited
Industrial and Provident Society

Cooking Equipment Maintenance Ltd
Private Limited Company


Dynamic Manufacturing Solutions Limited
Private Limited Company

£5 252£7 830£33 196£16 500

Elchies Consulting Services Limited
Private Limited Company

£73 868£71 384£81 605£11 254

Gi Solutions Holdings Limited
Private Limited Company

£270 000£1 180 000£270 000£5 458 000

L.T. Training Limited
Private Limited Company

£293£25 537£49 263£50 751

Lattice Tower Spares Ltd
Private Limited Company


Lms Hairdressing Limited
Private Limited Company

£0£-3 640£538£9 038

London Flavour Ltd
Private Limited Company


Lothbury Corporation Ltd
Private Limited Company

£4 883£1£4 883£4 882

N Barden and Son Ltd
Private Limited Company

Perring Construction Limited
Private Limited Company

£6 477£2 541£6 477£240

Pimento Hill Ltd
Private Limited Company

£656£1 585£9 197£9 385

Pjm Projects Ltd
Private Limited Company

£6 474£13 535£9 312£23 647

Quayle Solutions Limited
Private Limited Company

£38 361£19 397£40 585£22 099

S Motor Spares Ltd
Private Limited Company

£856£1 063£20 981£19 918

Shardlow Heritage Trust
PRI/LBG/NSC (Private, Limited by guarantee, no share capital, use of 'Limited' exemption)

£0£6 895£6 895£0

Sigmatek Business Systems Limited
Private Limited Company

£0£-283 683£212 953£27 572

Siu Nim Tao Ltd
Private Limited Company

£15 263£11 146£15 263£4 117

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