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3953270 Companies in our database

CompanyStatusCashNet WorthAssetsLiabilities

Alanor Llp
Limited Liability Partnership

Alfred Lamb International Limited
Private Limited Company


Baldowrie Garage Ltd
Private Limited Company

£17 567£11 281£55 404£45 561

Carlyle Road Properties Limited
Private Limited Company

Chandler & Co.Uk Ltd.
Private Limited Company

£82 435£563 840£601 629£121 052

Deqoy Limited
Private Limited Company


Disign House Maidstone Limited
Private Limited Company

£613£-637£613£1 250

Domonic Drive Residents Association
PRI/LTD BY GUAR/NSC (Private, limited by guarantee, no share capital)


Evolution Pr Limited
Private Limited Company

£30 854£41 517£168 974£144 925

Holloway Installations Limited
Private Limited Company

Incom Systems Communication Specialists Limited
Private Limited Company

£898 126£1 019 810£1 167 140£277 325

Jeffantolium Limited
Private Limited Company

Kettering Visionplus Limited
Private Limited Company

£25£67 761£148 351£80 740

McA Lawray Ltd
Private Limited Company

£0£-220 390£0£220 390

Muskett Enterprize Limited
Private Limited Company

£7 669£2 397£10 601£8 204

Nobleoak Limited
Private Limited Company

£169 125£1 402 245£2 943 321£1 571 534

Plaster Plus (Gy) Limited
Private Limited Company

£15 310£10 343£16 892£14 016

Primalnation Ltd
Private Limited Company

R. J. Holmes (Technical Services) Ltd
Private Limited Company

£8 425£5 105£10 209£44 040

Speyside Developments Limited
Private Limited Company

£26 781£-277 595£4 142 354£158 503

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